The Lifted Brow is a quarterly print magazine published by the Australia based not-for-profit literary publishing organization, The Lifted Brow.


Inside TLB34, you’ll find exceptional fiction, non-fiction, comics, poetry and more, exploring almost every other creative space, from film, to astronomy, to so much more. From conversations between critics who engage each other in reviewing a play to pieces like ‘Sketch for a dissociated child’ by RICHARD HANSON.Also featured is NICK TARAS’S ‘God’s Other Children’, a piece with an exceptionally different and thought-provoking take on religion, conviction and everything that lies beyond the realms of ordinarily constructed beliefs.

EDITORS- Annabel Brady-Brown, Zoe Dzunko
ART DIRECTOR- Rosetta Mills

    ‘How Should a Person Read’, brings together ANNE BOYER, ELIZABETH FLUX and two more writers, each building a different take on how they perceive the relationship between the reader and what he is reading. The magazine also celebrates the incredible works of HAYAN CHARARA and PATRICIA SMITH.

    With other literature based additions like prints of handwritten letters and comic strips, come together a collection of pieces embracing a plethora of topics. Some of the stories that are sure to warm your heart are ‘Black Pearls’ by BASTIAN FOX PHELAN and ‘Sane’ by NICOLE MCKENZIE.

    The Lifted Brow brings to the fore exciting works of literature, comics and artwork from both Australia and the entire world - a leisurely and joyful read.


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