Launched in 2016 and published biannually, Luncheon is a style and culture magazine, produced in London.


With its oversize format, Luncheon is a magazine “with an appetite for style and culture”. While it is not a food magazine per se, Luncheon invites “old and new friends of all generations and cultural experiences to share their views, life and work over lunch”. These conversations over meals with restaurant owners, chefs, artists, photographers and other creative members of our society serve as an attempt to get to know them better for the reader too. The magazine is thoughtfully presented as different courses of a meal, a nod to publication’s love for cooking and dining. This issue features the works of artist DONALD URQUHART, conversation with internationally acclaimed Milanese restaurant owners; IAN JENKINS, senior curator of British museum; and artist KERRY JAMES MARSHALL, amongst others.

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Frances von Hofmannsthal
Co-Founder and Creative Director: Thomas Persson

    In this issue, ‘Catch of the Day’ features the work of Scottish artist DONALD URQUHART. ‘Hors d'oeuvre’ includes a visit to a Milanese trattoria. During the conversation, the owners recount several happy foreign customers including Barack Obama’s chef who paid them a visit during the Universal Exposition held in Milan.

    For ‘Specials’, CHARLIE PORTER visits menswear designers LUKE BROOKS and JAMES THESEUS at their home in Rottingdean, England, for conversations and caricatures over several courses around the village. Also, artist DANIEL SILVER invites IAN JENKINS, senior curator of British museum, over to his studio for lunch, and we witness an exhilarating conversation about their mutual fasciation for the ancient worlds. Similarly, the other courses introduce several other artists and spaces.

    In ‘Classics’, writer ROBIN MUIR talks about the elusive cook and writer PATIENCE GRAY and her timeless classic cookbooks ‘Plats du Jour’, one of the best-selling cookbooks of the post-war era, and ‘Honey from a Weed’. Also in the issue, gallerist MAUREEN PALEY shares her cultural icons and loves, a list of some of the most interesting and daring people of the twentieth century.


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