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Makeshift is a multi-platform media and consulting company dedicated to uncovering hidden gems of creativity around the world. Its magazine, which released its fourteenth issue not too long ago, shares inspiring stories of ingenuity amongst the community revealing some astounding life hacks that will leave you inspired. Published quarterly, the magazine boasts a network of over 300 contributors spread out across the globe.


The latest issue of Makeshift is themed around ‘Harvest’. Stories are segregated under heads of ‘Gather, ‘Grow’ and ‘Organise’ - while some stories focus on traditional concepts of ‘harvest’, the others wish to convey, as the editor’s letter explains, that ‘much can be harvested beyond the food chain’; case in point - landmine-seeking rodents, time travelling fridges in Italy and apartment farmers in China.


  • Editor-in-chief | Myles Estey
    Art Director| Gema Navarro

It’s not entirely a coincidence that MAKESHIFT is one of the two titles we chose to begin our New Year here at Paper Planes. MAKESHIFT refers to itself as a ‘field guide to hidden creativity’. It is this message, which suggests an attempt to seek out creativity in the banalities of life, that we wish to begin our New Year with and we wish the same for our readers.

Rural farmers swapping tips on a whatsapp group, Paper Plane’s very own contributor PAYAL KHANDELWAL, introduces under ‘Farm Chat’, self initiated efforts of farmers to integrate and work together to facilitate the growth of India’s rural economy – a small but commendable measure. Mozambique owes its freedom from land-mines to an army of four-legged rodents i.e. rats, Jonathan Kalan, covers the story of this truly remarkable feat under ‘Sniff & Scratch’.

The issue is replete with similar stories of creative pursuits from Quebec to Beijing testifying the belief of the Makeshift team that ‘ingenuity can be found everywhere if you know where to look’.

We talked about the magazine and its network of over 300 contributors spread out across the globe with MYLES ESTEY, the Editor-in-chief of Makeshift. MYLES is also the co-producer of the BAFTA nominated documentary ‘Cartel Land’. You can find the interview on our blog.


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