Migrant Journal is published and distributed independently by Migrant Journal Press, a dedicated company operating as a non-profit. The Journal ‘is a six-issue publication exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, even fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on space’.


Migrant Journal’s second issue is titled ‘Wired Capital’ – exploring the contradictions between restrictions imposed on the movement of people and the acceleration in the circulation of goods, services, money - in one word capital—boosted by free-trade spaces and mechanisms is reaching new levels of paradox and absurdity. The spaces and frictions this contradiction creates is the topic of second issue.

Editors| Catarina de Almeida Brito; Justinien Tribillion
Co-Editors| Isabel Seiffert; Christoph Miler
Art Direction, Design and Photo Editing| Offshore Studio - Isabel Seiffert; Christoph Miler

The issue begins with contributor DAMASO RANDULFE examining the Arctic circle’s complex migration pattern; followed by an interview with the programme manager at IOM, the United Nation’s migration agency, which visits a much controversial topic of labour migration.

From ‘iceberg houses’ in London designed for the ‘uber-wealthy,’ to the infrastructure of high-frequency trading, from Romanian agricultural workers travelling to Spain and Portugal every summer to pick strawberries while Portuguese workers harvest grapes in France, to globally-spread offshore accounts – the Journal is an in-depth investigation into the topic of capital migration.

Migrant Journal is a bold publication sharing some hard hitting facts that we all need to face up. We are extremely proud to have introduced this print to our readers.


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