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Mincho is a bilingual quarterly publication for illustration and graphic arts from Spain. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and captures the latest trends in illustrations, celebrating the work of artists behind some of the most exciting projects in the space of animated cinema, comics, poster art, typography, video games as well as children’s books.


Issue 8, takes a cue from the 60’s psychedelic movement and its impact on the illustration and graphic design industry over the decades. Brimming with intense colours and shapes overwhelming the senses (in a good way of course!), this issue is a real visual treat. From comics to album covers – there is a ton of psychedelic magic in the issue.


  • Editor-in-chief| Francisco J. Carrasco and Natalia Gimenez Cid
    Art Directors| Cristina Vila Nadal and Carlota Castells Puig

Right at the beginning of the issue is a short story ‘The Cactus of the Gods’ by Álvaro R. de la Rubia and illustrated by Óscar Raña, which indeed sets the mood for the issue. ‘The Amazing Inner Reaches of Outer Space’ is a feature on ‘psychedella’, the artists who still keep alive the psychedelic aesthetics and their sources of inspiration. An introduction to Miguel Calatayud’s everlasting influence on the Spanish comic scene and contributions of Jack Kirby in making psychedelic style a standard in rock concert illustrations are wonderful reads. Needless to add, there is a ton of trippy visuals to add to the high.

The issue wraps up with a review of recently released graphic novels and comics.

A terrific read for every graphic enthusiast and for the rest of us new to the world of graphic arts, it is an opportunity to acquire a taste for psychedelic madness that once defined the swinging sixties.


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