Finalists for the Future Food Design Awards 2018, MOLD Magazine is a bi-annual journal about the future of food.


An editorial platform about designing the future of food. Through in-depth, original reporting and a distinct vision for how design can transform our food futures. From cellular agriculture to 3D food printing, entomophagy to beautifully designed tableware (and why it makes your meal taste better), MOLD spotlights the ideas that will revolutionise how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come. This particular issue of MOLD focusses on 'Waste', highlighting how although we currently waste 1/3 of the food we produce, designers are proving that food waste might be one of our most valuable resources for the future.

Editors | LinYee Yuan and Johnny Drain
Art Direction | Eric Hu and Matthew Tsang
Editor-at-large | Yvette Cabrera

    The numbers from UN Food and Agriculture Organization reveal that one third of the food we produce is wasted every year. While the financial cost is great – the issue highlights that the real tragedy is that we could feed all of the world’s 815 million chronically hungry people by saving just one quarter food waste.

    In this issue the team of MOLD attempts to uncover creative solutions to managing one of the most complex issues facing us today i.e. of reducing food waste. At the very beginning of the issue we are introduced to NOMA’S fermentation lab, where the team of chefs are creatively rescuing waste from the bins by applying principles of fermentation. Chef MASSIMO BOTTURA rallies chefs to pioneer the ‘dignity in dining’ movement; arguing for a parasitic ethics for food waste and recovery, how APEEL is using food waste to preserve food, BIO-BEAN is powering London’s double-decker buses with coffee, and PLENTIFUL asks their customers to please RSVP.


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