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Mono.kultur hails from Berlin and is amongst the finest of independent magazines from the city, which boasts of a legion of the finest that indie magazines have to offer. An interview magazine from Berlin, each issue of mono.kultur is a conversation with one person. Published biannually, the magazine has interviewed Tilda Swinton, Ai Wei Wei, Terre Thaemlitz, James Nachtwey, Chris Ware, amongst others in the past.


In the latest issue, editor Mareike Dittmer interviews EDMUND DE WAAL, a potter and a writer, bringing two of our genres of the month together; design and literature. In an interview with mono.kultur, structured like an A-Z of notes and ideas, Edmund de Waal talks about his rules of attachment, the impossibility of repetition, and why ‘doubt’ is the most beautiful word. Visually, the issue takes inspiration from that most perfect of materials: porcelain. Printed entirely in double-sided splendour, the two finishings of the paper – shiny gloss and smooth matt – evoke the texture of ceramics before and after glazing.


  • Publisher| Kai Vin Rabenau
    Interview | Mareike Dittmer
    Artwork| Edmund De Waal

“White has this extraordinary possibility, and it’s also profoundly about being at ends.”

EDMUND DE WAAL is an artist, his porcelain work having found a pride of place in renowned galleries across the world. With a literature degree from Cambridge, this universally revered artist is also a writer. His first book, a best seller, ‘The Hare with Amber Eyes’ received several awards and his latest, ‘The White Road’ has garnered some interesting reviews.

The interview, essentially a conversation between one of the editors of the magazine MAREIKE DITTMER and DE WALL, dwells into the artists’ work and the ideas using alphabets as a guide to the conversation. ‘A’ is for Attachment & Archives, ‘B’ for Beauty, ‘C’ for Collection & Craft, so on and so forth.

‘N’ For Nothingness, De Wall talks about making things that won’t last –“I think it’s rather terrific to have a practice where things disappear. That process of things disappearing has two contrary sides – one is to bring things back to life; the other is to let things go”. The conversation flows effortlessly, with words that inspire and enlighten.

Yet another magnificent delivery from the team of mono.kultur, combining the beauty of paper with that of words.


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