London based Noble Rot offers a unique perspective on food, music and wine by merging the realms of gastronomy and the creative arts. Founded by acclaimed food writers Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, it is published once every four months. The duo also own a wine import company, Keeling Andrew & Co; and welcome guests to their restaurant and wine bar, nestled in a rustic townhouse in the city’s Lambs Conduit Street.


Issue #16 is an amalgamation of gastronomic ventures, food and adventures brought together by the central theme of the triannual - Burgundy Wine. It features the rising stars of Burgundy whose wine empires are being managed by their heirs today. George Reynolds’s fantasy Singaporean crab restaurant and list of forgotten cookbooks with peculiar back stories, Neal Martin's ethereal experience tasting the 1942 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg, and an insightful conversation with indie musician, Baxter Dury find their place amongst the beautiful pictures of vineyards and cellars. Personal accounts describe Manchester's well hidden Kebab places, the recipe for Parisian delicacy, Le Paris - Brest, and Stephen Harris' affinity to Chateldon water. 'Olfactory Overload' is a detailed profile by Mark Andrew on a super-deluxe wine tasting that he attends in London. If you find yourself inquisitive about Georgian cuisine and wine, Olia Hercules' 'Journey through Georgia' creates impeccable images through words that excite the palate.

EDITORS: Mark Andrew and Dan Keeling
SUB EDITORS: Nicky Lovick and Polly Rappaport
Designer: Tom Spitters

Noble Rot makes for a perfect afternoon read, transporting you into the lush green vineyards and wine cellars. Supplementing the eccentric wines are tales of gastronomy, cuisines and so much more.
'Generation Burgundy' by DAN KEELING is a profile on the best domaines of Burgundy, France, and the stars who continue to produce the best wine after a colourful past. It features several vignerons like Cecile Tremblay, David Duband, Sylvain Pataille - the list just goes on!

'From The Sublime to the Radicchio' beautifully describes the cultivated form of leaf chicory, and how it brings out the best in Italian salads. RUSSEL NORMAN shares a traditional Venetian recipe for readers to try out.
MARK ANDREW'S 'Olfactory Overload' takes a very simplistic and relatable turn towards the often misunderstood art of wine tasting. He narrates his experience at 'A Festival of First Growths' - a wine tasting event - in London, and how it became one of the most memorable evenings of his life.
‘Wine for the Disillusioned’ takes into the world of amber wine served in fishbowl glasses, given birth to by wine original JOSKO GRAVNER. DAN KEELING explores his early life as wine yard worker, how her re-revolutionised wine making by using the older techniques and being a risk taker.


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