Openhouse, a biannual publication from Lleida (Spain), pieces together tales of creative people from around the world, who have turned their homes and private spaces into places where outsiders can join them and partake in different activities about gastronomy, art and design.


In its sixth issue, Openhouse explores the vision of those who decided to embrace the life that lies beyond urban skylines, swearing by self-sufficiency. While in ‘The Old Girl’, BEN AND TASH (creative entrepreneurs from Australia) discuss what it’s like to learn farming without having any background in it, PAULA COSME PINTO and INES MATOS ANDRADE (entrepreneurs) share their experiences of inviting people to share their art along with experiencing Lisbon at its most original by living in an apartment, in ‘O Apartamento’.

Directors| Andrew Totter, Mari Luz Vidal
Editor and Creative Director| Andrew Totter
Creative Director and Photo Editor| Mari Luz Vidal

    Openhouse makes you develop a different outlook of life through pages filled with stories about people giving up on their ordinary routine to seek the extraordinary that nature beholds. In ‘Up On The Moors’, SARA TUSKER (an online blogger and photographer) talks about the adventure of trusting strangers who visit her and her family in their home cum holiday-letting, in exchange for art and craft or warm conversations.

    In ‘ARCA’, MARKO BRAJOVIC (nature-inspired architect) explains all the learning from nature that inspired his
    home’s architecture, resting in the calmness of Paraty, Brasil. Other articles like ‘Collected Life’ take us around the home turned to gallery of VALERIE AND VICENC (photographers and artists), where windows have been replaced by photographs in all sizes and
    formats, allowing a maximum of 20 people at one time to explore their ‘house’, absorbing all the art on display.

    With absolutely stunning stills of vast expanses of nature and of people devoting themselves to its beauty, Openhouse powerfully narrates stories of humans who wisely quit the rat race and are truly living it up, if you ask us.


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