The Outpost is a bi-annual magazine about possibilities in the Arab world. It is published from Beirut and aims to ignite a sociocultural renaissance in the Arab region by inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. It was nominated for Best New Magazine and Best Magazine Design at the Magpile Magazine Awards, awarded Gold medal by the Society for News Design, and won the silver award at the LAUS Awards for its editorial design efforts. Few months ago, the Guardian referred to it as the 'successor to the Economist'.


This issue is made to warm your hearts, make you smile and see a world where goodness and positive energy reign. In the face of such difficult times that the Arab world finds itself in today, The Outpost team, went foraging for stories of bravery, courage and hope, to show you that in spite of the challenging times and even in the all pervasive darkness, there are people who are finding ways to make a positive difference and give you reasons to believe that all is not lost. In this issue, people, using different means to craft happiness, share their stories. This issue urges you to walk with them on their journey to explore the possibilities of positive change – because good energy is contagious.

The Team Behind The Outpost

  • Editor In Chief: Ibrahim Nehme

    Senior Editor: Zeina Fakhry

    Art Director: Hicham Faraj

    Staff Writer: Lara Shabb

    Illustrator: Sarah Nehme

This issue had us the minute we opened the boxes and saw that cover – those triple dolloped ice cream scoops lit our faces up and our hearts were filled with joy, long before we even started reading the issue. This issue is so cheerful, inspiring and positive in so many ways that it made perfect choice to be amongst the first batch of the magazines which we shared with our subscribers.

With stories like 'Giggles of Hope' (Red Tomato) p. 29, and 'Windows of Hope' p. 34, this issue will truly warm your heart. Lest you forget that finding peace and happiness is as much an inner journey – this issue, shares anecdotes which invite you to look within and find that one pursuit that makes you happy and light you up.


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