The Plant, ‘a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery’ hails from Spain. It is a magazine that offers plant and print lovers a new look at greenery, featuring stories of creative people who share their love for plants and enthusiasm for a greener earth.


Each issue of the magazine, as part of its features, contains a monographic on a specific plant; for Issue 8 of the magazine, it is the ‘Fiddle-Leaf Fig’ – you will fall in love with this plant is you haven’t already. But there is more to this green journal than just gardening tips. In this issue, find stories of Syrian refugees creating gardens in Jordan under ‘Defiant Gardens’, the power of herbal teas in ‘Humble Treat’, a visit to Chernobyl in ‘Radioactive Utopia’, amongst others.


  • Direction| Cristina Merino, Isabel Merino & Carol Montpart
    Editor-in-chief| Cristina Merino
    Art Direction| Isabel Merino & Carl Montpart

Rooftop kitchen gardens and flyover farms, is the calibrated urban response of a few who are rooting for building sustainable communities and of course, still left with an imagination. We need to learn from these doers and make ourselves useful – consider THE PLANT a gentle nudge in that direction.

The issue is inspired by the words of the pre-eminent French gardener and philosopher GILLES CLEMENT, whose interview is also featured in this issue: “Life excludes nostalgia, there is no forthcoming past”. Clement’s words are brimming with enchanting information about gardens and green spaces - of why flowerless gardens are necessary, why weeds are not invasive, and of ‘Gardens in Motion’ (a methodology of working on gardens through time).

Stories of Syrian refugees in Jordan creating gardens in defiance of their situation and harsh conditions, is humbling to say the least. Under the feature titled ‘Garden as a Stage’, walk through Japanese traditional gardens, following ingenious garden tree sculpting techniques.

A beautifully shot series of photographs accompany the introduction to herbal teas under the feature titled ‘Humble Treat’. And then of course there is the monographic on ‘Fiddle-Leaf Fig’ (Ficus Lyrata) treasured as a fetish tree for its magical uses!


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