PORT is a lifestyle magazine published in UK and distributed worldwide. With its nifty content and elegant design, this magazine is a treat for the modern reader. Travel, design, fashion, culture, commentary, with dollops of panache, and all that under one hood.


Issue 16 of PORT marks a new beginning for the magazine – PORT is going from being a quarterly magazine to a bi-annual publication, and this is good news - because while its frequent issues will be missed, Issue 16 proves that this transformation has only made the magazine even better and more desirable. What is not to love about this new issue – its got tons of features and commentaries on topics ranging from skyscraper industry, a chef’s thoughts on the importance of confidence and restraint in cooking, biological history of female curves, Italian design, chat with a body architect and if that was not enough to lure you, there is Port fiction as well – making this issue a perfect travel companion. Did we mention it has Josh Brolin on the cover – we rest our case!

We love the unrestricted scope of a lifestyle magazine; one ends up getting the best of what life has to offer, all under one hood - so to speak. There is fashion, design, food commentary, and other eclectic features. We asked the PORT team "As a maker of such a magazine, what do you most enjoy/look-forward to reading in a lifestyle magazine?"

  • Dan Crowe: Editor-in-chief
    (photo credit: Carol Sachs)
    "For me a magazine is like a curated event, so it’s that eclectic mix that interests me. I want to be surprised from a magazine, entertained and informed. There is something a little bit tedious about knowing exactly what you are getting with certain magazines. The long form pieces in Vanity Fair and The New Yorker are always incredible and something I look forward to reading."

  • Ray Murphy: Deputy Editor & Online Editor "Because of the broad remit afforded to lifestyle magazines, there is huge scope, as a reader, to be enlightened, amused, inspired and occasionally enraged. This makes the editors's role very challenging, but extremely rewarding. For me, the best mags are those that can cover topics you've never given a moment's thought to, while offering new perspectives on subjects you previously considered to be mundane, side-by-side."

Meet the cover-star Josh Brolin of Inherent Vice and No Country for Old Men, fame and learn what makes him the choice to be the cover star – we say it’s a pretty darn good reason!

Wondered if tall buildings are a better option than an urban sprawl? Issue 16 carries an interesting feature on the skyscraper industry, looking at some of the skyline defining skyscrapers in New York, Washington D.C. and Sydney.

Lucy McRae is a sci-fi artist, director and a self-proclaimed body architect. Through a series of installations, short films and futuristic design concepts, she explores the interplay between human body and technology. Not sure what this means? – Well, some of her work involved teaming up with Aesop (skincare brand) to visualize the future of skincare treatment, produce a liquid suit for a music video for Swedish pop artist Robyn (cover star of Issue 10 of ‘The Gentlewoman’, we shared a few months ago) and create a ‘swallowable perfume’. This certainly caught our attention.

‘Turtleface’ part of PORT fiction, was a real winner. The new issue has ample room to run long-fictions and this story by American author and filmmaker Arthur Bradford, author of Turtleface and Beyond – Stories, is truly delightful and funny to boot.


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