Printed Pages, Spring-Summer 2015

May 2015 Surprise Unwrapped!

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Printed Pages, Spring-Summer 2015

Printed Pages is an art and design magazine, based in UK, exploring unusual and unexpected art and design stories, worldwide. A go-to reference and inspiration guide for many visual artists! With this Spring-Summer 2015 issue, the magazine has reinvented itself into a biannual avatar, which is bigger, better and is packed with stories, interviews and features justifying the 6 month hiatus between 2 issues.

ISSUE Spring-Summer 2015

The sun-kissed cover star(s) snapped on a beach in eastern Europe comes from Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern – Don’t you just love it?! #Ingenious

Inside you’ll find interviews with advertising royalty Dan Wieden, comics legend Charles Burns, photographer of the moment Viviane Sassen and Gail Bichler, design director of The New York Times Magazine. There are lots of features, including on some of the strangest design studio names and an in-depth exploration of rock ‘n’ roll tour photography through the ages. Like we said, packed with excitement indeed.


  • Managing Director: Alex Bec

    Creative Director: Will Hudson

    Editor-In-Chief: Rob Alderson

    Editor: James Cartwright

    Art Direction: Jamie McIntyre

    Design: Joseph Burrin & Philip Cronerud


Being magazine fanatics, its anybody’s guess which article we turned to first in this issue – an interview with Gail Bichler, design director of The New York Times magazine. Closely followed by the feature on rock ‘n’ roll tour photography from The Stones in the 60’s to LCD Soundsystem’s last show #Amaze.

Take a peek at the sketchbooks of late Alan Fletcher, one of pentagram’s founding partners; and meet Montreal’s creative community and know where to go and what to visit next time your travel takes you there (fingers crossed!). Of course there is more - photography, animation, evolution of life-drawing from fine art to therapy…. like we said, its packed!

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