Process Journal is a quarterly released graphic design publication. The aim of the journal is not only to serve as a source of inspiration for designers and graphic designers alike, but also to take a look at the ‘process’ behind some of the world’s most influential creative work.


Packed with neat typography and visuals of distinct architectural marvels from London to Melbourne – Process Journal 11 explores the dynamic and yet inevitable relationship between architecture and graphic designing – a good mix of which is rewarded by extraordinary results. With interviews conducted with some of the most creative firms across the globe including TOKO, Double Standards and Bleed along with contributions from the director of Studio Dom Niclas Jernström himself – the issue touches upon different facets of designing.

Editor in Chief | Thomas Williams
Design and Art Direction | Thomas Williams and Jemma Donnellan
Publisher | Made Publishers

Process Journal balances top notch content with visually breathtaking design and images, perfectly living up to the theme of the issue – Architecture.

A concept brilliantly pulled off by STUDIO ROUND finds its way into the magazine as they trace the journey of one of Australia’s most sustainable hotels - Hotel Hotel. Multiple award winning design agency BLEED alongside ZAK GROUP – as they use graphic designing to provoke thought and reflection. It is sealed with an essay titled Architecture and Design where NICLAS JERNSTRÖM brilliantly correlates relationships and the importance of trust, communication and respect between them – a recipe for the perfect relation between any business partnership.


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