PYLOT is a magazine celebrating all-analogue photography that follows its no beauty-retouching (of the images) policy with a vengeance. Produced biannually, this magazine of all-analogue fashion and photography from UK has created a niche for itself in a digitally saturated image economy.


Pylot issue 3 is titled ‘The Status Quo’. It features the work of established photographers such as Roger Ballen, Jane Hilton, Roger Charity, Paddy Summerfield and talents such as Jack Davison, Paolo Zerbini, Anna Fox and Andrew Bruce. The cover for issue 3 has been shot by Pylot’s photography editor Bex Day for the cover story on Jaywick, ‘a place that exists outside the parameters of prosperity in the UK’.


  • Editor-in-Chief | Max Barnett
    Art Director | Daniel Clatworthy

The idea behind the ‘Status Quo’ issue was to set out the contributing members (to the issue) on a search for what ‘status quo’ means to each of them today – ‘discontent’ and ‘uneasiness’ turned out to be the prevailing moods that each seem to have captured in their work.

Writer CHERLY NEWMAN shares the work of the London based, acclaimed photographer JANE HILTON who discusses, amongst other things, his project ‘Precious’, in which HILTON shot pin-up girls in the 1960s from the Paris gallery, Galerie Lumiere des Roses, using a small installation light box of 90 Ektachrome.

In his work ‘Leatherhead Skins and Unchained Hearts’ South African born photographer PAUL SHIAKALLIS captures the story of female members of the Marok, a black metal music culture hailing from Botswana.

A selection of images from PADDY SUMMERFIELD’S work ‘Empty Day’, are strong reminders of the powerful narrative that images can weave.

Pylot allows a sneak peek into the mind of a lens worker, where images are perfectly capable of telling the whole story and words only share a perspective – we were enthralled.


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