Racquet #2

March 2017 Surprise Unwrapped!

Published quarterly in the U.S., Racquet is a magazine that celebrates the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis.


The second issue of Racquet, boasts of stellar sports writers and fans who have contributed stories that will regale not just die hard fans, but also those who find stories of success and hard work , truly inspiring and enriching. This issue features writing from Louisa Thomas (a former athlete and a contributing writer for newyorker.com), Ivy Pochoda (American novelist and former professional squash player), Reem Abulleil (an Egyptian sports journalist based in Dubai), to name a few.

The cover (which we absolutely love) is designed by Rodrigo Corrall.


Publisher | Caitlin Thompson
Editor | Dave Shaftel
Art Director | Larry Buchanan


We at Paper Planes are huge fans of sports writing. We firmly believe that sports as a genre lends itself to the best kind of writing that is out there. It is non-fiction that enthralls, excites, inspires and takes you on an adventure without having to resort to fantasy. The hard work of sportsmen, their triumphs and struggles are stuff of legends and that’s why the subject lends itself to such strong emotions.

With the announcement of a new sports magazine on the block, we could not contain our excitement and just had to share it with our readers, albeit with trepidation whether the readers would identify with our excitement. But we believed in the subject and more so the quality of writing that the publication promised. The jury is still out.

The second issue begins on an article titled ‘My Serena Years ’ by Ivy Pochoda, exploring the idea of “Black Excellence”, which originally appeared in La Liberation in August 2016 as part of a series in which American writers reflected on their Obama years. Louisa Hall writes about the squash civil war that challenged the American game of ‘hard ball’. A short feature on Naomi Osaka, Dubai’s growing tennis stature, the life of Michael Joyce – the second issue delivered on its promise with plenty of stories and lives to read, share and celebrate.

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