A bi-monthly publication from London, Real Review is an architecture magazine that promotes dialogue on the nuances of design, culture and co-existence.


Real Review #3 explores the general mood over the last few months that things were better the way they were before. There is a popular sense that blunders have been made and we should backtrack as quickly as possible. Exactly which past you are trying to recreate depends on your political persuasion. Disaffected with democracy, fed up with economic stagnation, even bored by new fashions and consumer electronics, ennui is pervasive. The search for something drastically different, a real alternative, has begun.

Editor-in-Chief | Jack Self
Creative Directors | Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath


    Co-founder and editor of German art magazine ‘Texte our Kunst’, ISABELLE GRAW, in her interview talks about the identity of artists, artistic labour and the characteristics of the art market in contemporary society. From the idea of creative labour to the commodification of art, Graw gives us a clear understanding of the art world dynamics against the backdrop of more traditional markets.

    As magazine lovers, we are always curious about the work process of creative individuals; how they interact, discuss and ideate. When we think of a meeting place for writers, artists and philosophers, what often comes to mind is a cafe. The second article in this issue of Real Review discusses this cultural phenomenon that is only growing rampantly in 21st century urban spaces. From the first ever coffee house to the 15 billion pound turnover today in the UK alone, this article by JACK SELF takes us through the journey of coffee shops and their role as factories of creativity.

    PETER MARKLI seals this issue of the magazine with a beautiful exploration on ‘What It Means To Live Today’. With the pace at which urban life moves forward, we lose out on the nuances of the physical spaces we inhabit. Tying in design, architecture and human sensibilities, this article does well to broaden one’s perspective of the seemingly mundane.


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