Launched in 2013, Riposte is a London-based bi-annual publication that takes prides in being a smart magazine for women. Each issue follows the format - five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon as they profile fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves.


Riposte’s latest issue is full of essays and features that cover a broad range of topics including art, design, music, business, innovation, politics, food and travel. The icon for this issue is WENDY WILLIAMS. Also included are conversations with a diverse group of exceptional women including the vibrant PEGGY NOLAND of The Peggy Noland Shop, the powerful MARIA ALYOKHINA of Pussy Riot, phenomenal writer, TV host, and transgender rights activist JANET MOCK and the inspirational SHEILA LEVANT DE BETTEVILLE.

Founder and Editor-in-chief | Danielle Pender

Creative Director | Shaz Madani

Photography Director | Gem Fletcher

    Riposte started off with founder DANIELLE PENDER’s vision of creating a smart magazine from a women’s perspective and with every outstanding issue, they are succeeding in ways more than one. Right from referring to the magazine as ‘her’ to having an alternate text only cover with the aim of focusing on 'who' their interviewees are, as opposed to 'what they look like' - the publication is breaking the notions and clutter that surround the idea of a women’s magazine. This issue questions gender gap, delves into the pursuit of happiness, and attempts to turn data into real people. Packed with honest interviews of women who candidly discuss successes & failures, their work, their passions and perspective, it a treat for both the mind and the soul.


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