Inspiring photography and stories of adventures, unique journeys & expeditions – this modest introduction of the journal on its Facebook page merely hints at the adventure you are likely to encounter within the pages. We are talking of adventures and expeditions of epic scale here, journeys unique not just because of the novelty of the path chosen but of their life-altering nature. Sidetracked is a relatively new UK based bi-annual travel journal – Adventure inspired.


Undeniably the most popular member from amongst our stack genres, Travel is making its entry in the Paper Planes roster of magazines with Sidetracked – Adventure Inspired- Vol 3. We searched high and low for that perfect travel title that will reaffirm your faith in travel magazines and writing. Faith that you find challenged, so often these days on account of most travel magazines/journals increasingly looking like carbon copies of one another and of course being terribly clichéd. No introduction can prepare you for what you are likely to experience in these pages of the Sidetracked – so we are going to limit ourselves with just quoting Shane Winser (Royal Geographical Society) who so perfectly introduces Sidetracked (and surely with far more measured eloquence than we could have managed) in her Foreword to this issue “A journey of exploration implies an intellectual curiosity – a desire to better understand those cultures and environments that are different to our own. It can be a personal journey of exploration, where the experience itself benefits the individual. Arguably though, to be a true explorer requires the sharing of that understanding with others. Sidetracked is well placed to facilitate this process.”

Awestruck and inspired after reading this volume, we asked the Founder and Editor of Sidetracked to share their source of inspiration when deciding which remote, unfamiliar place to go to or adventure to embark on.

  • John Summerton: Founder, Producer, Creative Director “I like to think that I’m pretty much up for anything and am always willing to try new things. I’m a firm believer in having fun and enjoying everything that life has to offer. So it’s hard to pinpoint an exact source for the next adventure other than to say that as and when exciting new opportunities arise then absolutely count me in. The stories we feature in Sidetracked evoke a positive yearning to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We’re trying to get people off the sofa and having fun outdoors.”

  • Andrew Mazibrada: Editor “My inspiration has always come first from photography, then from words. Personal images of remote, rugged places; of wild and thinly populated landscapes. These are what inspire me. In magazines like National Geographic and Outside, I saw images of these breathtaking, wild places that captured my imagination and I wanted to feel them beneath my feet. There were long trails that had been walked by like-minded people for centuries and often nothing else except this awe-inspiring scenery, or even places where no trails existed at all. Moreover, I want to feel as though I have tested myself, walking these trails; as though I have seen something new in myself when I return.”

We had our heart racing in excitement with every turn of the page and by the end of it all, we were overwhelmed with immense admiration for those who dared to live their lives seeking to challenge the banality of existence and reaching out for adventures that seem beyond imagination. This emotion ofcourse was accompanied with tons of self-introspection and resolution to dare a little more.

Fast flowing ice whips, endless mud fields, babbling brooks, prodigious granite fangs, imperial purple sunrise brewed on the horizon, steeling grey foam flecked waters, tangled bed loom of roots, labyrinth of river trees, endless expanse of volcanic graves and so much more! This volume is a journey across varied landscapes beautifully narrated by the bold adventurers who shared a common lust of adventure. We were enthralled.

Note to self - scratch Croatian islands from that list; Canyoning penciled.


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