Smith Journal is a Australia-based lifestyle and general interest quarterly journal - full of random stories albeit thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.


Featured in this issue 22 of Smith Journal are “some very committed ‘aeronauts’ from rural China who design and make their own D.I.Y. planes, an enthusiastic bloke called Emperor George II who’s set up his own micro nation near a sheep paddock in New South Wales, a team of diligent Indian scientists who worked out how to turn silver into gold – without using magic! – and a magnificently bearded Russian adventurer who circumnavigated the globe in a hot air balloon (he’s also gone camel-riding with Vladimir Putin)”.

Editor in Chief | Jo Walker
Assistant Editor & Online Editor | Chris Harrigan
Design | Emily Thiang

    In the feature titled ‘The Height of Adventure’, FEDOR KONYUKHOV, a Russian survivalist, recounts his adventures which includes going on a camel expedition with VLADIMIR PUTIN, ranking second only to his extraordinary journey around the world in a hot air balloon in eleven days. Other fascinating people you get introduced to courtesy this issue include STEFAN MANDEL, the man who cracked the functioning of lottery systems and has won the same, fourteen times now; and the Belgian scientist, KEVIN VERSTREPEN, whose experimentations with beer may change everything you know about it - genetically speaking. The history of life insurance and the under attack ‘brutalist’ architecture, are some of the other engaging topics, this issue explores.

    Smith Journal qualifies as a perfect weekend companion - a light (but consuming) read on just about everything under the sun.


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