SOFA is a new publication by RICARDA MESSNER, publisher of Flaneur magazine (a magazine we have previously shared with our subscribers) and co-editor CAIA HAGEL, that uncovers and defines the now and looks into the near future, exploring one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic per issue while sitting on a digital/analog sofa with cool & controversial people.


SOFA binds necessary conversations in a paperback, accumulating and accommodating ideas on a specific topic - the first issue being today’s teens with 16 year old Andy Coronado as their inaugural guest editor. SOFA No. 1 visits subjects like identity, self-expression and new politics, venturing into opinions that are not explored or worse, are ignored.


  • Editors-in-Chief: Caia Hagel, Ricarda Messner
    Art Direction & Design: Studio Yukiko
    Guest Editor: Andy Coronado

This fresh-off-the press magazine tackles “teens” for its inaugural issue – following teenagers as they contemplate #lyfe after school and as they chat with their Internet friends. Breaking away from the cliché of minimalism, the issue flirts with bubblegum colours and graffiti of text across its pages – leaving no doubt about the identity of the contributors to this issue i.e. GenZ. We are certainly excited about the new format and eagerly look forward to more from the makers.

We also spotted our very own ‘The Gaysi Zine’ in the issue and its first graphic anthology featuring stories from the queer community that took off with crowdfunding. SOFA devotes space for the zine’s editor PRIYA GANGWANI as she reveals her take on the matter with youth activist RITUPRIYA BASU.

JULES BOSSIER also writes an interesting piece on how the most violent, underground musical genre in the world found such a cozy spot in today’s mainstream bedroom.


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