Space Magazine #4

September 2016 Surprise Unwrapped!

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Space Magazine #4

Published biannually by Denmark based creative agency Moon, Space Magazine, is an interior and culture publication.


Issue 4 of Space Magazine goes in search of modern hunter-gatherers, exploring the collections and private obsessions of notable names in fashion, art, design and music such as designer Kim Jones, photographer Anders Edström, psychologist Måns Lindstedt and designer Ana Kraš.


  • Editor-in-chief | Frederick Bjerregaard
    Art Direction and Design | Ulrik Ejlers, Benjamin Hafsteinn Jonsson and Klaus L. Moller


Issue 4 celebrates the art of ‘collection’. With Kim Jones (artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton) on the cover – we dare say it is one worthy of collection itself, albeit the editor prods you to devour it and pass it on.

“We are all collectors, one way or the other, and I believe we all use our collections as a way of constructing a self-portrait. With this issue we wanted to nose around the collections of people who inspire us. What do their collections tell us about them? Why do we collect in the first place? It’s fascinating.” – Frederik Bjerregaard, Editor-in-chief

The issue is brimming with stories and conversations on the extravagant subject of living, our favourites – conversation with architects Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston; photographer and designer Ana Kraš and of course the cover star, the man, Kim Jones himself.

We also absolutely loved eavesdropping on the conversation between world’s most in demand fashion and portrait photographer, Mikael Jansson, and Greger Ulf, one of the world’s most respected art directors.

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