System is a bi-annual magazine printed and published out of the United Kingdom that aims at striking elaborate, enriching conversations with fashion revolutionaries. A platform for reflecting unafraid opinions and engaging thoughts, System covers the style industry and its pioneers in a powerful way, influencing readers all around the world.


In this issue, tied together with sharp, bold pictures, is an extremely interesting conversation with the founders of ‘Proenza Schoulder’, LAZARO HERNANDEZ and JACK MCCOLLOUGH. They discuss their journey towards becoming devoted to fashion and the importance of all the women in their life who supported and advised them endlessly, through the years. Also featured is a conversation between IKUO
AMANO and RUBA ABU-NIMAH, the successive creative directors of Shiseido, Japan’s soaring skincare and beauty multinational.

Editorial Board| Alexia Niedzielski, Elizabeth von Guttman, Jonathan Wingfield, Thomas Lenthal
Art Director| Mathieu Perroud
Subeditor| Tom Ridgway

    One of the most fascinating reads of this issue is the conversation with ROBIN GIVHAN, the fashion editor for The Washington Post. As she recollects her unexpected indulgence in the world of fashion, she also explains the increasing prevalence
    of social media and how it affects and changes the fashion world.

    Another absorbing interview is with POLLY MELLEN, the stylist and fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, discussing the importance of avant-garde and what drove her towards it. The text is fuelled with a collection of enthralling pictures from multiple photo-shoots based on her work. It also entails details from her childhood and how she grew up to become one of the most powerful
    influences in the dynamic world of style and experimentation. An in-depth conversation with MICHEL GAUBERT and FREDERIC SANCHEZ takes us through their olden days when they spent hours deciphering record sleeves and walking down to record stores to understand music, all the way to how they believe music can transform the modern day’s connect to fashion and lifestyle. The magazine is artfully composed with pictures courtesy extraordinary stylists, photographers and their ideas, along with words that polish the act of committing to the beauty of culture and lifestyle both, boldly and honestly.


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