TGD Traveler is a travel-sized version of the larger format publication, The Great Discontent. Started by the husband-wife duo Ryan and Tina Essmaker in 2011, it features four longform interviews with unconventional artists and risk-takers. Its focus is on the same inspiring content as its parent issue, and perfect for a read while commuting.


TGD Traveler’s new issue explores the various ways in which artists across a gamut of fields refine their work. A common thread that brings the four interviews together is the artist’s undying passion for their craft. While some found their calling early on, some simply stumbled upon it.

MANAGING EDITOR| Brandi K. Herrera
EDITOR AT LARGE | Tina Essmaker

REGGIE WATTS’ take on how most of his life’s decisions have been improvised sets the crux of the conversation. Starting off as a musician, he eventually tried his hand at stand-up improv. He expresses how important it is for the community to enhance their communication in order to stand united for a greater cause. He also talks about the role art has to play in our current times; his stint at The Late Late Show with JAMES CORDEN; and how art and science are the only constant.

The Australian duo CHLOE KAUL and SIMON LAM talk about their childhood, the fact that they grew up barely five minutes away from each other, and how jam sessions led to the formation of their experimental music band KLLO. They explain how improvisation has always been intrinsic to their musical journey, and how things do not always materialise as planned. The ability to let go, and to be happy with your creation, is what they abide by.

MAJA DLUGOLECKI talks about her journey as an artist. Hailing from a self-made family in New York, she reminisces on how art was never her priority as a child. She chanced upon it and continued to learn with time. Dlugolecki shares her views on how she balances her time as a commercial designer and professional fine artist. She also highlights the importance of social media platforms such as Instagram to stay in touch with the community.

New media artist and programmer ZACH LEIBERMAN dwells upon his relationship with his mentor and college professor in Austria; how his wife is his most honest critic; and how he falls into the circle of life by being able to impart knowledge through The School of Poetic Computation, his alternate school in New York.


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