The Modernist, with a limited edition print run of 800 copies, is published quarterly, in UK, and covers the 20th century modernist architecture and design ‘with a view from the North’.


The Modernist ‘Faith’ issue examines innovative spaces of worship designed in the post-war world. Exploring everything from mysterious pyramids, unique rooftops to sacred football stadiums.


  • Publisher | Jack Hale, Eddy Rhead
    Editors | Emily Lee, Jack Hale
    Sub-editor | Nicholas James
    Design | Thomas Ulrik Madsen

A global movement in the 20th century architecture and design, Modernism – rejects ornamentation and embraces minimalism encouraging an analytical approach to the function of buildings and a strict rational use of materials. The Modernist magazine celebrates this- 20th century’s single most important neo style or philosophy of architecture and design.

True to its ‘modernist’ ideologies, the magazine exhibits a minimalistic approach to design bereft of any over-the-top graphic ornamentation of the print,. To begin with, the cover of the magazine itself boasts of a simple geometric representation of the theme of the issue i.e. places of ‘Faith’.

The issue delves into the innovative spaces of worship, the ‘architecturally divine’ so to speak. There is plenty to learn and take note of from the issue, from utopian communities of Shakers and hippies, British Camouflage Unit to Diego Maradona who transformed football into a fanatic religion; and that is what makes it such an interesting read even for those of us who do not practice this profession but remain keen observers of design. We are glad to have got the opportunity to share this limited edition print with our readers.


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