Founded in 2010, The Travel Almanac (TTA) is the first ‘true post-tourism’ publication. It focuses not only on the traditional notion of physical travel, but the ways in which movement and location permeate all aspects of contemporary life. TTA is published bi-annually from Berlin.


"The Border Issue" of the magazine attempts to dissect the concept of borders and boundaries — to understand how they manifest, shift, reappear and blur. Visionary architect SHOHEI SHIGEMATSU and experimental pop artist SERPENTWITHFEET are the two cover stars of this issue.

Editor-in-chief: Paul Kominek. V.i.S.d.P.
Managing Editors: John Dine & Giulio Perticari
Art Direction & Design:

    Showcasing the creative world’s opinions on travel and everything that accompanies it, The Travel Alamanc is rich with stories and inspiration. This issue gathers a diverse group of people to discuss how they experience borders and boundaries in their lives.

    Architect SHOHEI SHIGEMATSU defines himself as an ‘economic refugee’. In his interview he talks about the need to collaborate with other artists, food as a means to look at architecture and urbanism, and designing a new city district planned by a tech company.

    The Excursions section of the magazine explores ancient castles in Crimea, warming bonfires in Tijuana and moving mountains in Wales.

    Elesewhere in the issue, celebrated photographer Harley Weir shares her encounters with refugee camps and ‘Discwoman’ founder EMMA OLSON, aka DJ UNFANG, discusses the difficulties in breaking boundaries in a male-dominated electronic music industry.


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