Varoom is a quarterly magazine published by The Association of Illustrators, featuring articles and editorial on current illustration practices.


Varoom re-launched recently with a fresh new design in magazine format from award winning new designers JAMES LUNN and JOE HALES. The visually loaded, insightful publication now boasts of a new masthead and title font, and their latest issue explores the art of ‘Storytelling’.

Issue 35 dedicates itself to the art of storytelling and the responsibility of powerfully illustrating the same. In this issue also find, RALPH STEADMAN, FELT MISTRESS and PAVNEET SEMBHI discussing how their tools shape their storytelling and imagination; explore what inspires image-makes to tell stories and the the key elements of storytelling; and check in about the current buzz around virtual reality.

Editor: John O’Reilly
Publisher: Derek Brazell
Design and Art Direction: Joe Hales and James Lunn

‘Tool Stories’ in the issue, comprises short interviews with three prominent visual artists about the drawing tools they find best to create their work. It is followed by ‘Tell me a Story’, where the team seeks out artists JULIAN GLANDER, HUNTLEY MUIR, ISOL and LOUP BLASTER to share the epic tales of their story-making.

Under the ‘Innovators’ section, we are introduced to works of handpicked artists i.e. innovators, selected from the areas of illustration by experts - the work these path-breakers span across different genres from Children's book to drawings from the elections in the USA. Another interesting piece in the issue is the ‘Storytelling Roundtable’ you find at the fag end, a conversation about storytelling amongst graphic illustrators and 3D animation artists namely PEN MENDONCA, JACK SACHS, OLIVIA AHMAD and the editor of Varoom himself, JOHN O’REILLY.

The most comprehensive feature in the issue is on the hot topic of ‘virtual reality’ – attempting to put the current buzz around VR into perspective and asking pioneers in the field to share their insight into a medium which is certain to change our experience of storytelling. irreversibly, once and for all.


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