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Vestoj – a journal of sartorial matter, is published under the patronage of the London College of Fashion, with its HQ in Paris. Vestoj exists outside of season-based trends and news-focused articles and writes about the cultural phenomenon that is fashion in a manner that opens fashion up for a dialogue between theory and practice. Vestoj is an annual publication.


We all appreciate fashion in some form or the other, albeit with varying levels of indulgence. However, there is one aspect of fashion, which intrigues many, and that is provenance and history that accompanies the various facets of fashion. Be it the textile bearing a geographical or cultural allegiance or narrative accompanying an attire, alluding to the past practices or present order in a society i.e. fashion as a cultural phenomenon– the “curious-er” wants to know.

Fashion stories covered by magazines often tend to oscillate between being far too industry oriented or too fatuous. That’s why when you chance upon something that assures (as part of its manifesto), gratification of the reader’s intellect as well as their aesthetic sense and to have an interdisciplinary approach by working from within the fashion world but maintaining an outsider’s perspective – you know that you are looking at something exceptional and path breaking.

The latest issue of Vestoj “On Slowness” literally pauses time for a brief moment allowing you to read and dwell on the changing rhythm of fashion.


  • Editor-in-chief and Publisher: Anja Aronowsky Cronberg
    Designed By: Erik Hartin and Moa Pårup
    Art Editor: Lisa Rovner
    Sub Editor: Karlijn Slegers
    Web Editor: Laura Gardner
    Interns: Marta Franceschini and Natasha Palazzo

In its latest issue, Vestoj “On Slowness”, the team is asking you to slow down, allow yourself to be idle, to dwell a moment to delay and iterate. We agree and recommend that you do too, as this magazine deserves your attention. Cowl of Cistercian monastery, story of Khadi, the traditional Amish man, the third space within retail environment, the Arts and Crafts Movement gathering force in the 1880’s, Boro Mottainai and so much more - prepare yourself to read at leisure.


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