Originating from the University town of Oxford, Wrap is dedicated to contemporary illustrations and creative culture. Each issue celebrates and presents the work of five successful illustrators. Each such artist creates an artwork based on the theme of the magazine for the issue, which then becomes a part of the issue as a pull out ‘wrapping paper’, for one to tear out and use.


The latest issue of the magazine has ‘Balance’ as its theme. The issue features illustrators Clay Hickson, Linda Linko, Peter Judson, Sophie Douala and Alex Walker along with illustrations inspired by the idea of ‘Balance’ created by each of them, especially for this issue. The pull out wrapping papers designed by them of course occupy pride of place in this work of art.


  • Editor-in-chief : Polly Glass
    Creative Director: Chris Harrison
    Senior Editor: Harry Glass

Amongst the other things that distinguish an indie magazine from its main stream counterparts is its approach to design - the art, the type, the paper stock et al. This month’s magazine is no different. But what makes this magazine more special though is that not only does it look different but it can be “used” differently too. Pull out sheets interspersed in the issue, for your wrapping pleasure!

With cheerful illustrations, jaunty chats and that upbeat vibe which has come to be recognized as an indelible part of design and art community, this issue packs a serious punch (aesthetic and inspirational).

Alex Walker has been working as an editorial illustrator for many notable publications such as Monocle, Bloomberg Businessweek, Zeit Magazin as well as Wired. He talks about his typical day and his latest obsession with 'Lindy Hop' (an American dance form that originated in Harlem in the 20’s and 30’s).

A feature on the world of contemporary set design as a form of illustration highlights how this practice is rapidly growing in the editorial as well as commercial world and how it demands more from its readers.

New York based illustrator Ping Zhu is introduced as a force of nature, which is not hard to imagine if you have seen her work – an introduction you don’t want to miss. The delightful cover of this ‘Balance’ issue is also designed by Ping Zhu.


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