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Monocle #104

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With 10 issues and two special editions a year, Monocle delivers a wealth of rich reporting, great opportunities and stunning photography.

Issue 104

From the US Armed Forces’ Jazz band to Hamburg’s aircraft Expo to the late night parties in Iran, Issue #104 of Monocle leaves no stone unturned in the world of modern urban culture. Discover politics, entertainment, food, travel – and maybe even catch a glimpse into the future of technology.

In this issue:

US armed forces have a secret weapon: a jazz band that knows how to take a nation by storm.

Could the world’s longest undersea tunnel linking Japan and South Korea be built by the ‘Moonies’?

For this special mobility edition we see how Istanbul is boosting footfall with a cup of the black stuff, get our game on at airports and investigate transportation by rope in our global news round-up.

War left the Turkish city of Van bereft of visitors – but it’s being transformed by Iranians in search of the good life.

Xi Jinping may remain popular but with a worsening economy, dangerous pollution levels and a newly unpredictable relationship with the US, how strong is the president’s grip on his country?

And more.

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R 1,055.00

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