Pantry-Trippin’ with the Cocktail Shaker

A sexy piece of bar equipment that doubles down on drama and flair

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Rolling Pin

A tool found in Indian kitchens, ancient Italy, and around the world

Pantry-Trippin’ with The Kettle

A key vessel in brewing our most comforting beverages, whose basic construction has remained unchanged across the ages

Pantry-Trippin’ with Cheese Cutters

Fingertips, serving forks and everything in between — a deep dive into all the tools we use to gorge on cheese

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Crown Cap Bottle Opener

The origins of a nifty gadget with one incredibly specific and indispensable function

Pantry-Trippin’ with Chopsticks

Lessons on sustainability and scarfing down food

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Colander

A kitchen essential, the colander has been proof of purity and practicality

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Paniyarakkal

Investigating the cross-cultural culinary connections between paniyarams from Tamil Nadu and the Vikings

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Cocotte

The rich history behind the vividly enamelled and incredibly versatile cast iron cocotte, made famous by Le Creuset

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Lemon Squeezer

The lemon squeezer may have been invented in Turkey in the 18th century, but it’s still as handy as ever

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Spork

Invented in 1874, the spork has found favour in many places — from Edward Lear’s ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ to modern-day KFC restaurants

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Pressure Cooker

A beloved of Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, and home cooks the world over, the trusted pressure cooker has come a long way

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