Everyday Zine Volume 1

Everyday is a series of zines that broadly looks at ‘everyday’ from different perspectives. In an effort to explore new formats of art books and storytelling, each volume is an experiment created using images and words by one artist & one writer. The project is conceptualised and designed by typographer and designer Zeenat Kulavoor, curated and edited by artist Sameer Kulavoor and writer Phalguni Desai. For each issue we invite an artist to visualise their idea of ‘everyday’, and then bring in a writer to shake things up in an attempt to understand how words – as poems, narratives, listicles and other informal writing – could spark a deeper understanding of our urban spaces and their impact on how we live.

Everyday Zine Volume 1 features artist Madhav Nair and writer Phalguni Desai. Madhav and Phalguni look at urban horror – the kind that spirals out of routine, dullness and trying to make it work as individuals in large unempathetic cities.

Details of Volume 1:
Size of the Zine: 6″x7.5″
Print: A combination of offset & screen printing
Paper: Munken Polar Rough & Paris Pink Sheets both 120gsm
Binding: Center pinning.
Limited edition of only 350 copies. Each copy is numbered.


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About Brand

Bombay Duck Designs
Bombay Duck Designs is an independent studio founded by Indian illustrator & visual artist, Sameer Kulavoor.


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