Brownbook Issue 66

Launched over two decades ago, Brownbook is a Dubai based bi-monthly publication dedicated to exploring the contemporary Middle East and North Africa – focusing on design, travel and other culture– from the music of Kuwaiti pearl divers to the Iranian diaspora of Los Angeles.

This issue of Brownbook is a magazine within a magazine; an in-depth exploration of one of the finest cultural publications of the Middle East – The AramcoWorld Magazine and the legacy it has built. From the carpenters of Dehran in 1960 to the first Arab in space in 1986 – BrownBook’s latest issue features a carefully curated selection of archives retracing AramcoWorld’s 68 years of publishing, alongside interviews from its editors and veteran contributors.

Also in the issue: a paleontologist putting Sahara on the archeological map with a discovery larger than T-rex, an interview discussing the golden age of Tehran’s art scene and a look at megacity Cairo.

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