Disegno Issue 20

Disegno Issue 20 includes: Carolien Niebling’s food design philosophy; soft power in the Vatican’s plans for cultural outreach; a masquerade of nine designs for pretence and imitation; Oscar Lhermitte’s plans to jumpstart Kickstarter; the conception of crisis in Sweden’s national warning pamphlet; Michael Marriott and the scheme to potato print with a primrose Volvo; the reintegration of St. Louis’s Gateway Arch by Eero Saarinen; mimicry and performance in Sam Jacob’s review of the story of Cape Town’s Villa Savoye replica; Gary Hustwit offers an early glimpse of his new documentary about Dieter Rams; port diplomacy in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota; a redesigned pint glass by Kenneth Grange; architecture to prevent Palestinian fragmentation from the A.M. Qattan Foundation; a reimagination of the colour pink; and Disegno’s inaugural crossword.


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