OH FLIP! Nimbu Paani Flipbook

OH FLIP! Nimbu Paani FLipbook by Bombay Duck Designs in part of the OH FLIP! series featuring flipbooks of hand-drawn animated action loops commonly seen in Indian street food & street life.

Shikanji or Nimbu Pani is a traditional spiced lemonade, and a papular Indian summer cooler. The action of squeezing the lime juice at the stall or a “thela”, into a big bowl of cold sugar waterwith ice cubes and black salt and into the glasses attracts exhausted customers walking by. A visit to the stall serves as a refreshment to both body and the mind.


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About Brand

Bombay Duck Designs
Bombay Duck Designs is an independent studio founded by Indian illustrator & visual artist, Sameer Kulavoor.

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