New York based Drift magazine is a unique take on coffee and the culture that surrounds it. Each issue covers a different city and tries to understand what makes the city tick through the lens of coffee.

The British capital has become an unlikely hotbed for a rapidly evolving coffee scene, absorbing diverse influences from its increasingly diverse citizenry. Home to deeply entrenched tea culture, the development of the city mirrors the development of its booming coffee scene. As the younger generation welcomes coffee traditions from Brooklyn, Melbourne, Turkey, and more, London, home of the royal family, iconic red phone booths, and double-decker buses, grapples with its identity. In this issue, explore how tea-crazy London went mad for coffee and how its integration of international coffee-savvy experts is changing as Brexit looms. Featuring potters, flat white-pouring Aussies, refugees, and expats, Drift Volume 8 holds a magnifying glass to London, England.

Drift Volume 8: London includes:

How a tea nation became coffee-obsessed in the first place
How London’s affinity for newness led to rampant pop-up culture
Photo essay of London bikers queueing for their morning cups
How roasters in England are rewriting the script on responsible sourcing
How public transport and coffee fuel the global capital


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