Drift Volume 9 takes a multi-faceted look at the coffee culture of Bali. Once a hideaway haunt for yogis and surfers, this tropical destination in the world’s largest archipelago nation has become a hotspot for a wide range of visitors, from coffee purveyors to nomadic techies and itinerant bon vivants. And the new global trade winds they bring to the Indonesian island offer fresh perspectives on its cash crop coffee, as well as an increasingly international sense of style. A burgeoning third wave of coffee has narrowed the proximity between coffee farmer and consumer in Bali, presenting new opportunities for collaboration and education—what one author posits as the fourth wave of coffee. But it also presents challenges, as the Balinese, steeped in local tradition and religious beliefs, are confronted with foreign money and interests. Drift Volume 9 examines these relationships, while taking readers all over the island to explore the temples and beans of the Kintanami highlands, to the highly designed coffee shops of Canggu and Ubud.

Drift Volume 9, Bali includes:

How the Balinese take their coffee—with everything from durian to egg yolks
Photo essay of local baristas and their personal interests
The influence of digital nomads and other expats on the coffee culture of Bali
Explainer of “fourth wave coffee” and Indonesia’s Coffee Wheel
How coffee shops in Bali are doing their part to alleviate the island’s waste crisis
Balinese religion and how they need to be in balance with both gods and devils


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