Drift, Volume 10 shines a spotlight on New York City’s most famous borough: Manhattan. Bartered from Native Americans, this island, sandwiched between New Jersey and Long Island, grew from a colonial trading port into a global capital of commerce and culture. Coffee, which once arrived on its piers from faraway lands, now helps run this international hub that famously never sleeps. From its many street carts, diners, and specialty coffee shops, New York offers locals and visitors coffee on-the-go, or a chance to linger a while in places with faces from all over the world. Whether it’s cappuccino at Caffe Reggio, charcoal-roasted coffee at Kopitiam, or a long black at Little Collins, there’s a story in every cup. From Harlem, all the way down to the Financial District, this issue hits the pavement and follows the threads that stitch Manhattan’s quilted coffee culture.

Drift, Manhattan includes:

The role of women in the history of coffee in Manhattan.
The rise and fall of the Anthora (“Greek”) cup, and a recent revival.
The changing face of Harlem, and how coffee shops reflect the neighborhood’s uniquely Black heritage.
Coffee shops in the age of a pandemic.
And more…


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