Ayasa Tall Pink Storage Jar by Tiipoi

Ayasa coloured storage jars are powder-coated aluminium jars made by metal spinning. Each container is manually spun and finished by Tiipoi specialist before being powder-coated. Comes with a spun aluminium lid.

In the kitchen, Tiipoi’s ayasa coloured jars are perfect as garlic or onion pots, for keeping nuts in or growing herbs. Use them to store pens on your desk, or toothbrushes in your bathroom.

Details – Ayasa Tall Pink Storage Jar by Tiipoi

Ayasa colour containers are also stackable.

Details – Ayasa Pink Storage Jar by Tiipoi
Materials: Powder Coated Aluminium
Dimensions: Dia 10.2cm x H 9.2cm
Process: Metal Spinning, Bangalore
Capacity: 0.75L


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About Brand

Tiipoi is a London based brand and design studio that launched it’s first collection of products during London Design Festival ’14. Spandana Gopal is Tiipoi’s Founder and Creative Director. Tiipoi believes in good materials, and that good design is often invisible. Rather than adding to the exploding world of designed products, Tiipoi adapts from existing classics in order to champion lesser known design concepts from the Indian subcontinent.

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