Agra Bidri Tray

The Agra bidri tray features delicate strands of pure silver inlaid on to a solid dark zinc base in simple linear patterns, accentuating the geometrical shape of the tray. With a minimal approach, juxtaposing clean lines with bold shapes, the trays are entirely hand-made using complex techniques that require precision, care and control. The matte finish of the zinc offsets the gleaming silver, creating a graceful contrast.

About Ira Studio’s Bidri Collection: The Bidri collection draws on rich, historical inspirations of art, architecture, and craft from the Mughal, and Bahmani dynasties. Agra and Fatehpur, two striking trays in two distinct designs have been crafted using Bidri techniques and bring together expressions of the past and present. Bidriware was developed indigenously in the early 17th century by artisans from the Deccan region of Bidar, inspired by Persian crafts of inlay.

Material: Oxidised Zinc with Silver Inlay
Process: Hand-cast and inlay
Dimensions: 13.6″ x 9.8″
Weight: 1.5 Kg

Note: These are handcrafted products. Slight variations in colours and textures are inevitable and aren’t flaws. The actual product may differ slightly from the image.

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About Brand

Ira Studio
Ira Studio handcrafts exclusive interior products using traditional Indian craft practices. Collaborating directly with master craftsmen, they use skills and techniques that have been mastered over generations to subtly synthesise the timeless elegance of these aesthetics with contemporary design sensibilities. Every Ira piece is made as a unique single piece or produced in limited edition.


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