Deco in Blue Notebook

The Deco in Blue notebook from the Art Deco Mumbai Trust is a tribute to Mumbai’s Art Deco architecture.

The buildings featured in this notebook are not only united by their shared architectural heritage, but also by the colour blue. This blue slice of Mumbai’s Art Deco architecture offers a refreshing counterpoint to the often-monotonous residential buildings that have come to dominate the city’s landscape. Ranging from powder blue to deeper shades of cerulean blue, these buildings interrupt the grey-white-beige genre of buildings that form much of Mumbai’s urban fabric. The use of blue in these buildings serves to highlight various motifs such as speed lines, frozen fountains, or decorative plaster reliefs. In general, Mumbai’s Art Deco has been quite prolific in its extensive employment of colour. While several buildings have been repainted over the years — their colours toned down and their disposition made more sombre — at their conception, many of these buildings adorned bright or pastel colours that underscored their vivid motifs.

A5 Notebook with hard bound cover and ruled sheets, 128 pages.
Product Dimensions: 148×210 mm
Paper: 100 gsm


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About Brand

Art Deco Mumbai Trust
The Art Deco Mumbai Trust is dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation about the city’s Deco heritage. Founded in 2016, its ongoing photo documentation has identified over 650 Art Deco buildings across the city, and its website provides public access to a comprehensive repository of information on Mumbai’s Deco. The Trust also hosts walking tours, public lectures and workshops.

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