Initially started as a blog by Kate Berry a food enthusiast, photographer and a parent to two girls, Lunch Lady soon turned into a print magazine – now in its third edition. The blog owes its origin to one of Kate’s daughters being bullied in school for carrying a healthy lunch –a reason good enough to take to the Internet, I believe.

This Australian title, published quarterly, is a departure from the trending minimalistic format of indie magazines – it is cheerfully colourful with loads and loads of text with accompanying art work/images in equal measure.

The focus of the magazine, much like its online counterpart, is family and food. A recipe driven narrative dotted with personal family anecdotes, makes for a pleasant read, especially for young parents. Talking about parenthood, Dads reminisce about their own childhood and how that in turn has shaped their idea of being a father, fun family projects, and endless recipes.

For the print edition, Kate partnered with Louise Bannister and Lara Burke (also founders of Frankie magazine) to publish the magazine under ‘We Print Nice Things’ banner. The print appears to be garnering just as much attention as its website and trying to address at least in part, what I can only imagine is the biggest bane in any parent's life – the lunch box!

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