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$ 12.00

Bond between body and mind, form and imagination

Frida Folk

$ 45.00

Here’s another book about Frida Kahlo, and this one doesn’t feature even a single original painting.

Sita’s Ramayana

$ 17.00

A woman’s perspective

The Mahabharatha: A Child’s View

$ 20.00

The Mahabharatha, a great Indian epic, is a compelling chronicle of warring families, clans and kingdoms

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Shed Shisham Small Bowl

$ 15.00

Great for dipping sauces

Shed Shisham Bowl

$ 17.00

Great for both side salad and desserts

SHED Medium Trivet

$ 56.00

Trivet for cooking pot or kettle to stand

SHED Small Trivet

$ 39.00

Trivet for cooking pot or kettle to stand

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Paper Block

$ 32.00$ 41.00

Natural and Grey Paper Blocks

Notebook for Designers

$ 39.00

Professional Series notebooks Designers


$ 7.00

Natural paper – ruled

Paint Box Series Checks

$ 25.00

A5 size soft bound black polyurethane cover notebook

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