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At Paper Planes, we publish stories at the intersection of design and culture. These are stories for everyone (not just designers), and we’re constantly on the lookout for distinctive ideas and quality stories.
We’re currently looking for stories under Local Attractions and Thinking Aloud.

Where you can contribute

Thinking Aloud

Thinking Aloud is a space for visual artists and storytellers to reflect on our everyday lives through comics and graphic narratives.

We’re looking for stories that delve into themes particularly relevant to our current ways of living — for example, themes could include aspects of family, relationships, home, the internet, sports, new habits, etc. These can stem from personal anecdotes and observations or offer a new way of seeing something we might already be familiar with. The idea here is for the artist to feel strongly for the theme and to drive the narrative and creative direction, in collaboration with the Paper Planes team.

Local Attractions

Local Attractions is a series that brings together everyday design details and the world of travel.

In our travels, we’ve noticed that there are numerous ways to become acquainted with design details in a place — and in most cases, there’s a thrilling story behind the design. Of course, design also plays a crucial role in how we interact with and experience neighbourhoods, towns and cities — whether it’s unique arches on an old building or street signage in an unfamiliar place.

We’re looking for short stories as well as photo essays to offer a glimpse of your personal interactions with design across India. They could stem from a memorable anecdote or emerge from keen observation — the more specific the idea, the better. The short stories are usually around 500-600 words, while photo essays typically feature 6–8 images and a 250-word introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t accept fully written out or previously published pieces or photographs, but you can of course send us your idea for a section that’s currently accepting pitches. Fill in the form below.
Yes, we pay all our contributors.
We will try our best to respond to all pitches but might not be able to due to a large volume of emails. Nonetheless, you will surely hear from us within two weeks if we would like to consider your story for our website.

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