We tell stories that inform and impact the way we go about our everyday lives.

Paper Planes, as an organisation, is made up of a group of sub-brands that work in the space of design and creativity.

Our eponymous independent media brand, Paper Planes, through its digital publication, social channels and events series Oddly Enough, hones in on India’s design landscape and its effect on our culture and lifestyle.

The idea of ‘good design’ is often reserved for fancy homes and architectural marvels, but in fact, its impact is far-reaching. Our stories and events seek to explore the many manners in which design intersects with our everyday lives — with regard to architecture, urban planning and public spaces, visual culture, India’s craft heritage and its future, sustainability and conservation, and beyond. These stories and programmes are produced for anyone interested in these ideas, regardless of a background in the discipline. 

The Paper Planes Shop, our online retail space and the building block of our organisation, has existed since 2014. We stock a large selection of international and Indian independent print magazines and books, alongside products made in collaboration with like-minded brands and organisations and our much-cherished merchandise.

Our work with The Paper Planes Agency, our full-service multi-disciplinary agency, helps us sustain our independent publication. We work with brands in numerous ways, bringing our strengths with narrative, storytelling and design to client messaging. Our services include creative direction, communication and brand strategy, campaign development, and custom publishing.

What We Do

Our Evolution Over the Years


Paper Planes was started as a subscription service to independent print magazines from around the world.


We launched our digital publication, focused on design and culture.


Oddly Enough was born to gather in person with our readers and spark conversations around design and ideas that shape our everyday life.


We established The Paper Planes Agency, rebranded our identity, and launched redesigned, streamlined websites for our sub-brands.

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