Thinking Aloud

Hobbies Are For Grown-Ups Too

Taking time out to do things just for fun

Words and Illustrations: Pearl D'souza

Thinking Aloud

Leaving Behind Big City Life

Swapping out days of chaos for more calm

Words & Illustrations: Sumedha Sah

Thinking Aloud

Making Space for Anger

Finding ways to channel an emotion that’s often hard to deal with

Words & Illustrations: Deepti Sharma

Thinking Aloud

A Generation Graduates Online

No fanfare, no hugs goodbye — on the verge of her farewell amid the pandemic, a student describes what this moment feels like

Words & Illustrations: Ekisha Poddar

Thinking Aloud

Rainy Days and Nights

Sleepless in Kochi, an illustrator finds stillness in the storm

Words & Illustrations: Namita Sunil

Thinking Aloud

Lockdowns and Long Drives

Finding a moment or two of relief on the road

Words & Illustrations: Jose

Thinking Aloud

An Ode to a Dive Bar

Drunken memories of fairy lights, fish cutlets and more than just feni

Words & Illustrations: Joby

Thinking Aloud

To Homeschool or Not?

The pandemic has changed what it means to go to school. In this new landscape, a mother considers the possibility of homeschooling her child

Words: Gretchen Ferrao Walker | Illustrations: Aditi Elassery

Thinking Aloud

What We’re Doing When We’re Not Doomscrolling

A motley list of things we’ve been doing to self-soothe on our breaks away from social media

Illustrations: Nupoor Sapre

Thinking Aloud

Wide-Eyed for Art Deco

A city dweller, charmed by Art Deco, finds it at every turn in Mumbai

Words: Nihar Nair | Illustrations: Madhav Nair

Thinking Aloud

Friendship Break-Ups are Just as Hard

Why losing a friend is not unlike losing a lover

Words & Illustrations: Anjali Kamat

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