Big Little Things

The Future of Sitting, Illustrated

How to make the most of your work-from-home seating arrangements

Words & Illustrations: Madhav Nair

Big Little Things

Starter Kit to Being a Social Entrepreneur

For those, whether curious or certain, launching out on their own to spark change

Big Little Things

What It Means to Grow Up With a Love for Indian Crafts

A designer reflects on his childhood filled with craft objects, what qualifies as craft, and how better marketplaces can mean more robust livelihoods for craftspeople

Words: Harpreet Padam | Illustrations: Tosha Jagad

Big Little Things

Social Entrepreneurs & Craft: A Mini Shopping Guide

A set of creative entrepreneurs working — with support from UnLtd India — to build sustainable livelihoods for craft communities across the country

Words: Jessica Jani | Illustrations: Saumitra Deshmukh

Big Little Things

The Nature of Loss, Illustrated

On the sadness and grief that washes over so many of us when we’re confronted with the loss of our fragile ecosystems

Words: Fabiola Monteiro | Illustrations: Madhav Nair

Big Little Things

The Funny Thing About The End of The World

How have memes, jokes, and comic relief emerged as important antidotes to the times we’re in? Rega Jha jumps onto a group chat with some of India’s leading stand-up comics to make sense of it all

Words: Rega Jha | Illustrations: Aditi Elassery

Big Little Things

How to Prioritise A Sense of Well-Being and Keep Going

Insights from 10 remarkable social entrepreneurs, working towards better well-being for all, with support from UnLtd India

Words: Fabiola Monteiro | Illustrations: Madhav Nair

Big Little Things

Brief Encounters With 9 Exceptional Social Entrepreneurs

With support from UnLtd India, these entrepreneurs are striving towards a more sustainable way of living

Big Little Things

Mall Talk: Should Our Shopping Malls Be Better?

Can shopping malls, as we know them today, be more than just ‘cathedrals of consumption’?

Words: Fabiola Monteiro

Big Little Things

Why We Need More: Insights Into Our Consumption Patterns

Brands and technology nurture us, court us, humour us until we’re satisfied — except we never are

Words: Jessica Jani

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