11 Hand-Painted Ceramics To Cheer Up Your Day

A curated list of planters, plates, mugs, and egg trays for you

20 Aug 2020

A cup that’s been lovingly crafted can make your tea a little more comforting and your morning a little warmer, especially when you know exactly who made it and the level of detail that went into it. With days and weeks that have blurred into many months at home, we’ve found ourselves searching for hand-painted ceramics for an extra bright spot amid these endless times. Here are our favourites from independent potters and home brands — and of course, they make for thoughtful gifts too (for yourself or others).

Egg Tray by Vivikoh Studio

From ₹2,500, available on request

‘Chicken’ Dessert Plates (Set of 6) by Atelier Lalmitti

₹6,000, shop here

Boob Planter by Lacuna Studio

₹1,850, DM to order

Pine Plate by The Jodi Life

₹3,520, shop here

Summer Harvest Big Plate by Terravida

₹1,450, shop here

Chauko Teacups (Set of 2) by Minimal Indian

₹1,490, shop here

Elae Water Jug by Freedom Tree

₹1,740, shop here

Kulhad by A Clay Story

₹550, DM to order

Ceylon Palm Quarter Plate by Nicobar

₹1,150, shop here

Flourish Ceramic Tea Bag Rest (Set of 2) by Ellementry

₹750, shop here

Bowl by Keli Pottery

From ₹550, available on request

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